Special risks

As your plan progresses and you have determined your insurance needs, you will have chosen an amount to insure and a type of product. The next step is to obtain your insurance policy. 

Your premium will be based on your age, whether or not you smoke, and the assumption you’re in good health. In order to confirm the premium, you have to pass by an essential step, underwriting.


Underwriting determines the risk you represent for the insurer. Before issuing a policy, the insurer will want to know if you are insurable both in terms of your health and your finances.


Unfortunately, sometimes people are declined coverage or are given a higher insurance rate as they represent too high a risk for the insurer and are therefore not insurable according to the traditional model.

That’s where we come in, to find you alternate solutions. Whether you need specialized products or a revised strategy, we’ll provide you with the means to achieve your financial and estate planning goals.