Life insurance

Both protection and an investment, life insurance allows you to preserve your assets and save your heirs from any fiscal surprises. It is also an excellent way to ensure business continuity when the worst occurs.

We accompany you for all questions related to:

  • Your taxes upon death
  • Your shareholder agreement
  • The creation and preservation of your estate
  • The key people in your company
  • Equity between heirs

We ensure your peace of mind by:

  • Providing you with funds to pay taxes following your death, while keeping your estate intact
  • Safeguarding the income and lifestyle of your loved ones
  • Turning taxable dollars into non-taxable dollars, without you having to worry about paying insurance premiums at retirement
  • Providing the necessary funds to balance your assets, to secure family members whether or not they are involved in the company
  • Not impeding the expansion of your business
  • Providing you with the necessary funds to buy back shares from a deceased shareholder without modifying your company’s working capital or the shareholder’s assets
  • Providing you with the funds necessary to replace a key person and continue your business activities and projects as well as reassure your creditors, clients and external investors